The Importance Of Dieted Food

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Profitability has led American food manufacturers into dominating the public's diet with processed foods. Their food products are both highly desirable to the larger public's tastes, and are cost effective. The outcome of having such a large portion of the public regularly eating processed food has caused an epidemic of diet related health issues. For this reason, food manufacturers and consumers must change their perspectives on food to consider more seriously the importance of nutrition. The desire to consume or sell such products is counterproductive for both parties in view of long term considerations. The manufacturers of the processed foods that contribute to diet related health problems also produce a substantial portion of the overall…show more content…
Has this technology diminished a sense of modesty in the consumer's expectations of everyday food? It would seem that the answer is yes, and that a typical American consumer has become a spoiled child so to speak. For instance, the prevalence of added sugar is so great that it is not only present in things like soft drinks and cookies, but is also present in items like bread, yogurt, and spaghetti sauce (Moss, 2013). The American palate has been geared so highly toward sweetness that now sugar is added widely in many types of food products. On top of this, the consumer may not even be aware of how many of their everyday food products have been added with refined sugar. The consumer then naively contributes to the greater prevalence of products with more added sugar by purchasing what satisfies their expanded need for sweetness. You could describe this situation as being a viscous cycle. For the food producers, this goes along with the natural path of pursuing a profit by getting the consumer to eat their product, and also to get them to eat more of…show more content…
Dr. Mehmet Oz is an example of this public swaying. Dr. Oz, who was a regularly featured guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, represents the public's interest in finding approachable ways to healthier diets. However, it will require more than the influence of public figures like Dr. Oz to address American's dietary issues. In order for more substantial changes to occur more people will have to have more comprehensive information on how to discern their choices of foods. Furthermore, there must be greater consideration on how to make healthier options available to those struggling to afford food. This will require intelligent social welfare expansion. Realistically, it will take the concerted effort of a smaller portion of the public with the intellectual means to mobilize the greater population and political system to enact change. The relationship between the food industry and the public is a symbiotic one. The processed food industry cannot maintain the degree of profitability they have now if they continue to exploit the consumer. Their future financial interests lies in the public being healthier. Also, it will require greater diligence from members of the public to make changes to improve the nation's health. If both parties continue to progress toward a society that eats better, a long term sustainability can be

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