The Importance Of Ethnic Food

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Food acts as source to see through the heritage values and kind of life they live. It plays an important role in traditional and public discretion. Cooking is considered to be important cultural expression as it represents one’s imagination, taste and skills. (Dr. Violet K Mugalavi, 2012) Mugalavai, V. K., Kiama, F. W., & Omutimba, H. N. (2012). Using traditional cuisine contexts as a channel for inter-ethnic social integration in Kenya. International Journal of Social Science Tomorrow, 1(2), 1-4. (bib) Ethnic Food “Ethnic foods are defined as foods originating from a heritage and culture of an ethnic group who use their knowledge of local ingredients of plants and/or animal sources.” (Kwon, 2015)…show more content…
A new customer based is created around the world which is pursuing ethnic food of other cultures which has its own respective history and nutritional benefits. In the modern society there is opportunity to understand cultural differences and exchange the knowledge with a scientific base. (Kwon, 2015) Eating out in an ethnic restaurant is a social and cultural practice that has often been described as a ‘substitute for travel’. In 1980’s the segment of ethnic food has emerged at international level. (Möhring, 2008)

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