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RATIONALE I chose this question because superstitions- generally related to ghosts and spirits, interest me. Even though I don’t believe in any of the superstitions I have always had my doubts about spirits and ghosts. My religion (Hinduism) leads me to a different understanding of spirits compared to any other religion. I want to explore the origin or these beliefs and try to find out about how Science- a topic that we use to define everything that happens, justifies these beliefs. These occult sciences have now been explored for centuries. In a time where technology and science is advancing, we should be asking questions and trying to substantiate these “theories/beliefs” instead of just instinctively believing in them. This research will…show more content…
The Tlalocan, Mictlan and the Sun. They believed that warriors and women who died of child birth would be transformed to humming-birds and would chase the sun as it moved along the sky. The ones who drowned would go to Tlalocan the first level of the heavens. The ones dead of less glorious reasons would go to Mictlan which is the lowest of the underworlds. Maya: The Maya believe that their great-grand [fathers-mothers] have continual presence. Their ancestors are what they believe are continual in the form of ghosts. Aryans and Indians: The people of the Indian subcontinent believe that once the material body is dead the spiritual one breaks free and lives on in the form of a ghost. The evil ones are the ones who generally were murdered or dead by accident. The good ones that are calm and harmless are the ones believed to have had peaceful life and a “good” and “natural” death. I wanted to study about how there are different superstitions in different religions. Superstition is not a subset of religion, it lies even outside of religion. Some of the superstitions that lie outside of religion

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