Importance Of Food Safety

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Food safety and quality are two most important sectors world, not only for maintaining consumer’s health and trust but t for also terms of protecting the laws and regulation required to maintain good repute in international trade scenario. This is especially important for many developing countries that export foods to the major trading blocks of the developed world, underdeveloped who have the potential to do so. To have safe trade, it is necessary to implement or follow all the international standards, guidelines and recommendations for the production of safe and quality assured foods items To fulfill these demands its necessary analytical capacity to detect and monitor food contaminants such as residues of pesticides and veterinary drugs,…show more content…
When applied in conjunction with detection and monitoring schemes, traceability mechanisms enable regulatory authorities to trace contaminated products which may be harmful to the health of the consumer to their source in order to take preventative actions to avoid reoccurrence of the contamination, and also to withdraw the contaminated products from the market if necessary. Traceability combined with traditional food safety programmes provides the ideal control system for maintaining food safety and quality and protecting the…show more content…
Food products need to be labelled or identified to facilitate their origins and contents to the consumer. This will become the norm in supermarkets as new traceability regulations are implemented. • Quality and safety management: Businesses can use traceability to respond strategically to consumers’ increasing concerns about the potential risks posed by a food safety issue or a product’s integrity being compromised. Traceability is not food safety per se. An effective traceability system strengthens the food safety management capabilities of any business. • Reduced cost of production: When traceability is viewed as an outcome of possessing an effective ICT system, businesses are able to monitor performance and communicate more effectively than otherwise possible. The involved businesses are able to make more informed management decisions, minimize the resources invested in non-value adding activities, and reduce waste efforts along the entire value chain. Harmonizing traceability systems and requirements also enables businesses to reduce their costs, often while simultaneously increasing

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