Personal Statement Essay: My Passion For Architecture

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Since my childhood, I have ensued a natural affinity for sketching and drawing. It always bestowed me with immense pleasure and satisfaction, and there were many occasions when I have been deeply engrossed in it totally oblivious of the time and happenings around me. As a kid, I have always solicited pleasure, in my surroundings during my encounters with various forms of art-whether it was building, a water body or a tree. I always had a particular interest in sketching sceneries, because in outlining a view it is requisite to show a discreet variation in colors, size and proportions to elevate and highlight the depths of various elements, to make it look lively. My foray into architecture was an unconscious decision because after completing…show more content…
During one of my senior years in the institution, I had the opportunity to attend Laurie Baker workshop in Kerala regarding the low-cost construction techniques and visit the buildings designed by the world renowned architect Laurie Baker. This workshop lasted for four days, and it provided me with insights on how to construct a Rattrap bond, Semi-circular arch, Rubble masonry, Filler slab & Mud brick wall that we were also supposed to make. It also consisted of the lectures regarding Construction techniques of Laurie Baker, Climatic response to cost efficient architecture. It is at this juncture; I realized that an ideal way to learn about a building is when you start working on…show more content…
However, my exacting academic pursuits have not intercepted me from partaking in various extracurricular activities. I was one of the student organizers of the college annual cultural fest 'Manasaara-2013', where I took charge as the Cultural and event coordinator. I have also participated in various college sports and won matches playing both individually and as a team.By now I have now accumulated many awards, my most significant being the 'Best Student Award', which I received for my academic excellence and also my contribution as a student to the

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