Importance Of Food Regulation In The Food Industry

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Government regulation on food A rule of order having the force of law, prescribed by a superior or competent authority, relating to the actions under the authority's control is government regulation. The application to legislation which regulates the production, trade, and handling of food is a part of government regulation that is called food regulation. This regulation helps with the safety of meats, poultry, and eggs. Government regulation is needed in the food industry to ensure what we consume is safe. We need to enforce food regulation laws more . In 1891, the first law granting federal food inspection powers was passed. However, it wasn’t really enforced until the Pure Food and Drug Act and Federal Meat Inspection Act in 1906. These…show more content…
Labeling and warming statements or advisories are inexpensive, less intrusive, and less burdensome alternative to direct control (Pestronk et al). Even so, businesses in the food industry tent to not use them because the general public expect it to be safe. Without proper labeling, not the logo, and warning statements, a person can accidentally consume a product containing a food that they are allergic to. In Japan, they have food allergens labeling regulations. They were designed to match real Japanese food allergy circumstances (Shoji et al). Basically they made food companies but the ingredients on the labels. Obliging by the regulation can help a business. If a potential consumer sees or hears that the company is trustworthy thy will most likely buy it. There is a code that all businesses must follow, DON’T HURT THE CUSTOMER. They only “behave” and follow this code because they want to be able to stay competitive (Schwennesen). If word got out that a business doesn't care and that they “hurt” their customers, then they would not succeed and make make…show more content…
The calculation of monetary amount of a penalty is dependent on ‘penalty units’ that are set out in the Crimes Act 1914 (Product The minimum penalty is from $180 to $210 . However, depending on the what they are found guilty for, a penalty can be at least $22,000, for individual or for a body corporate. There are standard penalties, a penalty for mandatory reporting, which is not informing the committee of becoming aware that a person has suffered any serious injury, illness, or death associated with a consumer good within two day after notice, and may other penalties (Product

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