The Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

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School is interesting but hard and fun theirs allot of things to worry about like work, meetings and sports, ect. Let's say that my school principal said that we have an extracurricular class at the end of school I wonder how this will effect peoples lives and the schools money for my opinion I would say That a class at the end of the day is a wast of money and people who have jobs, and have to take care of siblings is hard enough already. Obviously the principal is not thinking about peoples lives outside of school. plus what about the teachers who have other things to do they have loved ones they need to take care of after school. so I strongly disagree with extracurricular activities because of more money to pay for the schools activities, problems that people have at home. loved ones that need to be taken care of when there parent is not home. Also people have work to do like homework if they have a longer class they won't feel like doing because of how late it is and how much they have to do at home.…show more content…
Also the principal will have to pay the the teachers more money and pay for more supples also when you do that you will have to pay for transportation and that's worse.When you have to do a extra activity the parents ain't gonna pay for the things like fees because the kids have to attend for it so the principal also has to pay for fees and other things. money is important an if you yous it for extra activities then your taking more out your pocket. But Im not saying that it's all bad because money could be raised in the process of games, for example football people would pay to go to their

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