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Extracurricular activities are those that fall outside the realm of thenormal curriculum of school or university education, performed bystudents.This study will contribute to our fundamental understanding of the impact of engaging into extracurricular activities on human development.Extracurricular activities should be obligatory but with a free space for students to be creative and enjoy it without being pressured. One fact is that extracurricular activities gives students an opportunity to learn and practice things on a practical level.Aside from classes, a student can also learn and develop their personal skills through school activities.A student will be able to learn many things like working as team, interacting with other schools student.According…show more content…
This can result in students becoming more open to discussions because of a newfound awareness that has been facilitated through shared experiences (Gamboa, 2015). Students may also be inclined to explore new clubs and activities that are recommended by other students with whom they have developed new friendships. This can expose them to new ideas and functions that they would not have participated in before. (Gamboa, 2015). It will help students learn to become leaders and assume responsibilities.Students will be forced to get out of their comfort zone.It may be a bit rocky at first, but you learn to communicate effectively with all different types of people in different situations and circumstances.They will begin to see good things happening as a direct result of their actions and dedication.Because of this, you begin to take ownership in a cause bigger than yourself, and you believe in yourself and your own abilities to make the world a better place (Baldwin, n.d).A student will be able to develop and confirm positive identities.The extracurricular activities affects a student's values and how he/she sees things.He or she learns more about the importance of going on to college.All of these things influence his/her values about violence or whether or not to attend college (Brown, n.d.).He/she learns that discussion can be a way of resolving problems.

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