Homework Ethical Issues

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Weekend homework is a time-consuming obligation that students dread about. Students keep on thinking their homework wherever they are and whatever they do. In other words, homework has become a forceful activity which needs attention, time, and effort. In the article “How parents and children can cope with homework”, it states that homework steals the time of the students that is intended for sleeping, which makes homework dreadful for a conscientious student (2010, p.B7). It occupies a lot of a students’ time especially those homework that need comprehension. Well in fact, a student needs eight and a half to nine hours of sleep a day as what doctors will remind. They need to get the right amount of sleep without anxiety that their homework…show more content…
Because a student wants homework to be done immediately and in a perfect manner, that student may forget to acknowledge his own ability to do such things. A student is always faced with temptations because no one will be watching him doing the assigned task. He can freely copy research work in the internet by merely “copy and paste” without even bothering to read what he copied. He can also ask others to do it for him either for free or by paying them. Moreover, without teacher supervision, homework can be widely plagiarized. It brings out unethical behavior and permits students to become masters of plagiarism, . . . . Homework is sometimes the suspect why students learn how to cheat and manipulate. In a few number of cases, students do the work and is copied by their friends through the internet, permitting also the others to plagiarize their work (Wolf, 2013). Aside from the benefit that homework makes the children responsible and hardworking, homework also carries the roots to irresponsibility, laziness, and manipulation. Homework makes the students bored because they have to do again the problems that they have had in their class. In turn, they will have the motive to copy assignments from their friends and other classmates as well. Some students will depend on the works of other people because they are too lazy to work it on their own. In the article “The Effects of Homework”, Cats9 (2011) claims that if students were given a less amount of homework, the output would be better because they would have done it with integrity. As heavy-loaded homework results in cheating, leftover homework becomes a desperate appeal to friends to copy (Cats9, 2011). Most of them will have to come early in school because they need to copy the uncompleted homework before their teacher comes in class. The researchers claims that homework can lead to immoral behavior because as young as students
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