The Importance Of Exams

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Good morning, boys and girls. Exams are hard. They impose a huge weight on the back of every student, and they are something almost everyone hates. You spend an eternity preparing for it, through ups and downs and ultimately wish for it to be over as soon as possible. But that’s not how it should be. Exams are not made for students to be worried, anxious or angry. They are there for students as well as teachers and parents to know where you stand in the education world. Of course, you should most definitely aim to be the best you can be, but that frankly isn’t possible all the time. There are no foolproof ways of getting full marks in every exam, no matter what anyone says. Don’t listen to the Harvard graduate selling his book on how to get…show more content…
This includes homework, studying, exam prep and lessons. All of these are equally important for exam success, but studying and lessons stand out the most. These are the pillars of exam success to almost everyone. However, you should not go into an exam for a certain subject by learning the wrong things, because that will just set you up for failure. You don’t start learning to play basketball by using your feet, do you? Instead, you could focus on what the exam itself wants you to know. This is most easily done by trying past papers for exams (make sure you use the correct board for this, they are different and confusing), marking them, then analysing what you need to work on and targeting that specific thing. Doing so will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses effectively, prompting you to study and target those things. Toyota (the car company) employs a very helpful technique that can pinpoint a certain problem in their car manufacturing, called the 5 Why’s technique. Simply ask yourself why a problem arises five times, enabling you to know the root of the problem and fixing it. Not a lot of students have the willpower to go through all this, but be one of those who will, and you will stand out amongst the

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