Value Of Time In College Life

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No one can deny the importance of attending classes in students’ life. Certainly, there are numerous methods to get an education like online education. In this type of learning, it is not required for students to go every day to university and attend classes. However, going to class not only supports students on the field of education but also, it makes them more experienced in many aspects of life. However, going to classes is not always interesting for student, especially when their presence is graded. There is a divergence between attendance, class and decided the grade by midterm and final. Many people think that students can learn by themselves without wasting their time on attending classes. Sometimes people do not think about the worst…show more content…
Also, pupils have to go to classes on time, which helps them respect and appreciate the value of time because time is a valuable source. So, pupils need to realize the big role that time plays in their lives and understand the difference time can make. According to Seligman, (2012) Time controlling is a common objective but an uncommon achievement. People who plan time and create self-determined priorities receive appropriate attention, feel more in power of their lives, experience better satisfaction, and have an excellent record at professional and learning environments. Student should create their own methods for managing their valuable time to stay on track. Furthermore, students will have less stress because time management makes them organized and feel comfortable. In other words, when students are committed to their class schedule, they will be self-reliant and…show more content…
According to the Peer Socialization Theory by Harris (1995), Peers are more effective than parents for some parts of personality development, for instance, developing group-related competence because they spent a lot of time with peer. Hence, it is clear to say that these people can take a part in forming the person's academic achievements. Moreover, going to college regularly teaches students how to deal with different types of people because, every society has customs, traditions and different backgrounds, and as a result, people act and understand certain views differently. So, mandatory class attendance helps students adapt with people from different environments and mentalities. Additionally, people who are socially shy face many challenges to fit into groups and break the ice. In this case, in class activities depend on whole group interaction, so all students have to work together and overcome their personal difficulties. As a result, this makes students more confident and have stronger

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