Ignorance Is Ignorance

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The students, teachers, and the system. What does educating a child even mean? Some say it means making a person employable, but if that's true, why are we learning about poetry? Wouldn't something like learning how to fix a TV be more, "employable"? I say, the true purpose of education is not only making a man employable but also making him/her civilized and being able to contribute to the progress of human civilization. Culture is what defines humans, and knowledge is what differentiates us from other animals. The goal of education certainly sounds very enlightened, but, it's an ideology at best. The reality is far more sinister. There's a reason Ignorance is Bliss. Our education system today has simply turned into a rat race (I think…show more content…
Yet, instead of heading toward thousands of unfilled jobs in the sciences, teaching, being artists and designers, people are forcing their children into the engineering and medical streams. Because a job that pays more, "leads to a happy life", apparently. This rat race trickles down to young students as well. "You're an idiot if you don't get an A+", I've heard several (dozen) times. Pursuing what you love is something only an "insane" person would do. To that end, the entire system is geared toward teaching students to the exam. Because, apparently, scoring well on exams are more important than actual learning. I never recall using the board supplied English Grammar books in class. We only used the external, fat ones with a couple hundred exercises per topic. We could transform any sentence elegantly. Give us an actual, original assignment to write, and we'll sit there like monkeys. Subjects like Bangla, Social Studies, Physical Education were reduced to mostly memorizing content. (Yes, I realize we have something called the creative question system. But you know a system is failing when over half the class takes zero notes and almost exclusively uses

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