Kuwait Cultural Awareness

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I have chosen to write my personal information paper on the Cultural Awareness of the country of Kuwait. During this informative piece I will provide information on copious aspects of the country to include Location and Geography, demography, history, ethnic relations, food as well as politics and military aspects of the country. Kuwaitis are decedents from several Nomadic Tribes and Clans in which settled on the coast of the Arabian Gulf now known as the Persian Gulf. Numerous tribes had chosen to settle here do to the unforgiving desert environment to avoid the persistent inedible drought. Upon arrival in the Arabian Gulf the clans began to build forts and form tribes in an effort to defend themselves and protect their kin. This is actually…show more content…
Due to the country not being able to harvest grains and vegetables because of geographical location, this has begun to increase the obesity rate within the country. Food and customs are extremely important for the Kuwaiti citizens. It is very important to provide generous portions while providing for guests. An example of this would be that during a wedding or an occasion of such caliber Kuwaitis will roast an entire sheep and serve it on a saffron of rice. Kuwait is a dominant Islamic country which means there are many rules in which regulate alcohol and food which many countries do not recognize. People must realize Islam regulates numerous customs regarding food. A great example of this would be the fasting for the month of Ramadan. During this month of Ramadan practitioners of the Islamic faith will fast between sunrise and sunset. Also to mention during this time the consumption of food, water as well as tobacco is strictly forbidden in…show more content…
The government within the country is a Unitary Constitutional Monarchy. A Unitary Constitutional Monarchy is a form of government in which a monarch acts as the head of the state within the parameters of a written (i.e. Codified) unwritten (i.e. uncodified) or blended constitution. The Kuwaiti constitution was approved and implemented in the country on 11 November 1962. The Emir of Kuwait in, which means the head of Kuwait is Sabah Ahmad Al-Sabah, the Crown Prince is Nawaf Ahmad al- Sabah and the Prime Minister is Jaber Mubarak

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