Latino Culture

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Language, communication and gestures Language is an important aspect that one should be sensitive because it has less to do with competency and more to do with the cultural meanings people attach to language. The native language of Latino is Spanish, but the majority of US immigrants is bilingual. According to CDC (n.d), most immigrants speak English on a regular basis and the younger ones also make it their preferred language of use. Some of the younger Hispanics/Latinos abandon the use of Spanish altogether. However, most people prefer to use Spanish language to express intense emotions than since speaking in English shows some emotional withdrawal. There are more than 500 dialects in Mexico, and many dialects have different meaning for…show more content…
Second and third generation own better education and job compared to first generation immigrants. 83% of Latinos paid by private job. Construction, administrative and support, waste management, remediation services, repair and maintenance are the major work areas of Latino in USA. 16 million Hispanic/Latino runs own business. Seasonal workers relocate many times in a year ‘following the sun’. Wearing apparel and physical…show more content…
A person with impressive position or higher degrees owns respect from family and society. Latinos are obligated to visit sick people, which may bring a large group of visitors to the hospital. Padrinos is a form of extended kinship in which each child should have godparents and they are considered as a part of their family even though there is no blood relation. Therefore, it is important to know the relationship when they address people like brother, sister, aunt or uncle. Godparents often involve in the care of children and their upbringing. Homosexual occurs in Latino cultures also as in any other ethnic groups, but machismo (masculinism) plays an important role to develop a phobic behavior towards gay

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