Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Advantages And Disadvantages

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3. METHODOLOGY: There is more than one way in which the unmanned aerial vehicle can be controlled using the internet: 3.1 CLOUD: The simplest method is to establish a cloud link where the data from the joystick or user will be transmitted to the cloud server. From there the data has to be downloaded from the server onto the unmanned vehicle and then the instructions have to be executed. There are a few disadvantages to this method which are 1. The unmanned aerial vehicle would need a high downloading speed which may or may not be available in all areas. 2. It is not very secure as the cloud server could get hacked. 3.1.2 DIRECT LINK: In this method the unmanned aerial vehicle will be hosted as server and the joystick acts as the client. The…show more content…
Joystick 2. Encoder 3. USB to TTL converter 4. PC/Laptop 4.1 JOYSTICK: Joystick is an input device which consists of control sticks that are mechanically connected to a potentiometer and the movement of the control stick varies the resistance. With the help of the conversion circuit the varying resistance is converted into analog values that range from 0-1023, and this is nothing but 10-bit analog value of 5V. Each stick corresponds to different controls like roll, pitch, yaw and throttle. 4.2 ENCODER: The four inputs are given in analog from (0-1023) from the joystick to the microcontroller (Encoder) as shown in Fig 4. Though these four inputs are given to the microcontroller, data needs to be analyzed to know which is what. For this very purpose an identifier is used. The identifier gives or codes these values such that yaw, pitch, roll and throttle can be separated or identified. For example yaw can be coded as Y0-Y1023 where “Y” represents Yaw. Fig 3: Functionality of Encoder in Client Module. Once these data are segregated they are then transferred to the computer serially as shown in Fig 3, where they are processed and transmitted to the UAV. Coming to the programming part, python script is…show more content…
This enables the data to be transferred from the USB port to the TTL without the need for any hap-hazard wires. 4.4 PC/LAPTOP: A desktop or a laptop can be used to receive the data and transmit it to the server. This encoded data that is transmitted from the encoder is given through the USB to TTL converter, and from TTL convertor to the computer with an internet connection which is used to transmit the data from the client to the server. This data is the data that is required for controlling the UAV and also to perform maneuvers. Any standalone laptop or desktop can be used for this purpose; all that is needed is a proper internet connection. The UAV or the server is where the data is received, processed and executed. The server consists of various components as shown in Fig 4, which are: 1. 3G Data Card 2. Raspberry pi

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