Trachimbrod Alive Analysis

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How does a human-being feel alive ? Certainly by remembering. The act of remembering is the key to the relationship between writing , history and memory. The past after all is a story that we tell ourselves. You can choose which story you want to remember as well as which story you want to forget, however you should know that forgetting your past might lead to your death. In Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, there is two story, one tells the journey of Alex, Jonathan and Grandfather and the other tells the story of Trachimbrod. In this novel, Jonathan the characters is also writing a novel. The writer, Jonathan Safran Foer, writes in his novel “Everything is Illuminated” the fictionalised story of the shtetl of Trachimbrod. In this fictionalised story, the citizens of Trachimbrod writes the book of Antecedents. they filled it with their story, they events so that if someone came, they would find them, Trachimbrod, it is the same as Lista, by keeping all those boxes and all those memories, she is keeping Trachimbrod…show more content…
They are even becoming one another. Alex writes to Jonathan “Do you know that you are me and I am you ?” This relationship will turn into a friendship, those letters will turn into theirs collectives memories that they create together. This is their own story, therefore though the book we learn toward the end that the two main characters might have a common past history, indeed both of their families come from shtetl, thus, they both have the same name from generations to generations. Throughout the book, Grandfather reveals his past and the reader realise than Alex name could have been Eli if his Grandfather hadn’t rejected his own roots and origins. Indeed, Grandfather is a jew but had to lie about his roots to probably saves himself from the

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