The Importance Of English Language Education

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The high school level consists of Eighth, Ninth and Tenth classes. The tenth class is referred to secondary level by the teachers, officers of the Department and other authorities. In Andhra Pradesh, Tenth class examination is called Secondary School Certificate (SSC).During the last fifty years, the Indian Educational system has depended on English as a medium of instruction. But during the last two decades, Telugu has become the medium of instruction in Government and Aided schools due to political reasons. It has failed to deliver goods as per the corporate standards. There are many methods and approaches existed in English Language Teaching (ELT) but failed to impart desired skills. Among four Language skills –Listening, Speaking, Reading…show more content…
In other words they were focused on Geography, and were incidentally engaged in English as the medium to complete task. This idea was very appealing to a liberal minded teaching profession because it offers the ideological attractive principle of a teacher who was not an authoritative figure but a facilitator of learning. The research findings show that TBLT offers an opportunity for the authentic learning in the class room Moreover, TBLT not only emphasizes meaning over form but also caters to the need of learning the form. In addition, TBLT is intrinsically motivating and may be compatible with a learner centred educational philosophy. At the same time, it allows the teacher input and direction. Finally, it caters to the development of fluency while passing attention to accuracy, and can be used along with mere traditional procedures. Therefore TBLT motivates students and promotes higher levels of proficiency. It also creates a low anxiety learning environment which students can utilize their ideas and practice their language to develop confidence. Teacher can provide timely guidance, which leads to higher retention rates. Despite that TBLT as labour intensive and high…show more content…
What are the students’ perceptions of Task Based instruction in speaking classes at B.Tech level? 3. What are the attitudes of the teacher using TBLT in his/her speaking classes at B.Tech level? The study explores the effectiveness of Task Based Approach in developing students’ speaking skills at CBIT Engineering College, Proddatur. Central and experimental class data was gathered through questionnaires, interviews and oral tests. Oral Pre and post Tests were administered to both classes comprising 45 students totally. Data from the Oral pre and post tests and questionnaires was analysed quantitatively. Tests were conducted suitably to compare the improvement between groups to analyse effectively the improvement with in groups. Findings for the Research Question 1 The first aspect of the present investigation focused on the participants’ thoughts and opinions regarding various aspects of the TBLT in particular. For the purpose of this research, the data subjected to our analysis included the comments made by the learners on their performances and on the pedagogical procedure. Focused questions oral and open-end questions were used. The learners responded that the TBLT helped to improve their Vocabulary, Fluency, Accuracy and any other responses that conveyed the participants’ personal impression and

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