The Importance Of A Career In Food Chemistry

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A career is a portrayal of our education and training as well as our personality. A career is not only to earn a living like a job but also a preference of occupation that you enjoy doing. A handful of people is scared to pursue their career. This is because, some people have a career preference that may seem odd to the society and their family or a career that is very rare. On the other hand, certain people have already decided about their career and are not afraid to pursue it. A career is an important decision because it involves our future. Therefore, a right career choice must be taken into account. Thankfully, in this modern world, there are many opportunities and science is so advanced every day we are discovering a new career in science for example in food. Food is any substance that is edible to provide nutrients to the body. In simpler words, food is a necessity of life. One of the most renowned career when it comes to food technology is a food,…show more content…
This is to cultivate new food and beverage by remodeling the quality, safety and nutritional value of food products and ingredients. They also diagnose proteins, fats, starches and carbohydrates. A food chemist are employed in chemical investigation offices, in a laboratory dealing with drinking water. They also frequently work in ministries and law of enforcement agencies. There is also self-employed food chemist who advice importing companies on their goods. Food chemists work a regular 8-5 job. Their working condition is mainly sterile and in temperature-control laboratories. A food chemist also must be specialized in handling laboratory equipment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a food chemist in the year 2013 is $77,740. (Education Portal,. (2014). Flavor Chemist: Salary, Job Description and Duties/,. (2014). How to Become a Food Chemist/ wiseGEEK,. (2014).

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