The Importance Of Effective Education

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The need for ‘high quality’ teachers equipped to meet the needs of all learners becomes evident to provide not only equal opportunities for all, but also education for an inclusive society. Reynolds (2009) says that knowledge, beliefs and values of teachers are very important in creating an effective learning environment for students, thus. making teachers a very influential factor in the implementation of inclusive education. For the following topics, the researcher discussed the variables of the study such as a) skills and attitudes of Regular teachers on handling children with disabilities b) training program c) use of training program in improving the skills and attitudes of regular teachers Skills and Attitudes of Regular teachers on…show more content…
Different researches and studies support that regular education teacher attitudes toward inclusion are one of the most important factors in determining the success of inclusive programs. Biddle (2006), reports that teachers’ beliefs and attitudes on inclusive education and use of appropriate supports and accommodations have great impact on the learning environment of students with disabilities. The negative attitude of teachers is attributed to less frequent use of accommodations and supports to children with special needs in an inclusive classroom…show more content…
Schnailberg (1996) describe some ways to help teacher. Organizing in service training for the teachers who have inclusion students is very helpful. There were many teachers who feel unprepared and lack sufficient training to fully support successful inclusion programs. Biddle (2006) found that for teachers to accommodate diverse needs children with disabilities, they need continuous professional development program to continue to develop their skills. Such opportunities could include workshops, observations, researches on inclusion, and collaboration among teachers to develop an effective inclusion program. A study made by Leyser and Tappendorf (2001) also supports Biddle's findings that it is important for teachers to attend different workshops and in-service trainings to increase their knowledge about inclusion. He added that when teachers are provided with proper training, they will start to feel more confident in handling and accommodating students with special needs within their classrooms. It was affirmed by Buell et al. (1999) in the findings of his survey that 78% of the 202 general education teachers did not have in-service training opportunities and they lack understanding about inclusion (p. 153). Buell et al. added that general educators would benefit from in-service training that included "program modification, assessing academic progress, adapting

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