Importance Of E-Learning In Education

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Introduction Electronic learning has become a common technique to support learning. Yet, it seems that Egypt is still in a fundamental stage of adopting and implementing e-learning In order to survive today’s critical economic crisis, Egypt must provide a skilled workforce to attract business, and lifelong learning to retain it. Education for all Egyptians is no longer an option; it is the only way to survive the economic crisis. The aim of this paper is to clarify the importance of e-learning tools for education in Egypt, discussing e-learning tools categories in education, the paper also will review developing countries experience in e-learning, the opportunities and challenges offered through e-learning. Finally we are going to highlight…show more content…
Chapter 2: E-learning in developing countries The importance of e-learning in developing countries The advancement in technologies in the last decade have led to an eLearning revolution, where education can be accessible to a larger number of students, but the idea of adopting e-learning in developing countries might initially sound difficult to apply. Although those countries are suffering from a number of economic problems but still e-learning potential and results can have a positive impact on these countries economy. Some of the important potential contributions of e-learning programs in educational systems include: 1. Addressing the shortage of teachers, especially specialized teachers. It can do this by providing high quality teaching materials, such as videos, interactive software or information from a “cloud” on the Internet or a local computer. In a distant classroom or video conferencing approach, the number of students who receive live instruction from teachers in specialty subjects can be much

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