Indonesia Taxi Case Study

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2.3.1 Safety In Indonesia transportation sector, safety concerns still be the biggest problem that often arises and unresolved. Not only the government continues to actively clear up the problem of crime in big cities in Indonesia, the residents also intervened to be more aware in choosing and using public transport. Customers of taxi service will expect a higher security than the bus or ojek (bike). Many taxi service customers uncertain about safety guarantees provided by taxi-based apps. In addition, taxi-based apps use rental car, which means it is individual property. Plus apps based taxi is a new breakthrough in the world of technology and transportation in Indonesia. To prove the maximum security guarantees given to the customers, based…show more content…
No wonder public transport users have to be more vigilant. Generally, Indonesia customers prefer to use well known and have good reputation transportation company. Similarly, in choosing a taxi fleet, crimes involving taxis are a common problem in Indonesia, and that is why the Indonesian people tend to only use credible and reliable taxi companies. In many Indonesian customers’ eyes, Blue Bird Taxi Company is a company that has long worked history in the field of taxi transportation in Indonesia with a long good reputation. Many people even just choose to take a taxi from Blue Bird Taxi Company because these trust…show more content…
Booking taxi with traditional taxi apps, passengers will only get same service like they will get from conventional taxi. Contrast with traditional taxi apps, apps based taxi provide better service to the passengers. Usually, they will provide some free refreshment like snack, small bottle of water and tissue in the rental car for customers. There are several ways to introduce taxi apps. Other than through advertising, news and variety of bonuses, the most important is to give service with better security and safety guarantees. With good service taxi apps will receive free advertising through mouth to mouth which is have greater influence now because of technological developments. Feedback and ranking of the customers who have used the service of a taxi company also give a great effect for the taxi apps company and gain customers trust. Taxi company that show care and immediately followed customers’ feedback, tend to gain customers trust faster. 2.3.3 Convenient One of the social problems in Indonesia, which has succeeded in making people uncomfortable is traffic jam. One by one solution emerged and now the latest solution of this problem is the concept of ride-sharing with the use of technology in its

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