Health Promotion Concept

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IDENTIFICATION OF CONCEPT 1. Health promotion 2. Disease and injury prevention 3. Ensuring evidence-based practice 4. Public health practices as related to the individual, family and the community 5. Ensuring environmental health 6. Importance of healthcare economics in public healthcare management. 7. Interpersonal communication among professionals 8. Ensuring emergency preparedness 9. Population focused assessment 10. Development of health care policy. HEALTH PROMOTION SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONCEPT Health promotion is the process of motivating people to increase their control and to improve their health by maintaining a relatively healthy status. As health can be defined as the “State of complete physical, mental and…show more content…
Maintaining person hygiene at all times, It is essential to maintain a hygienic condition especially by washing hands with soap and water regularly, after using the toilet, before and after eating, before and after attending to patients, proper washing of fruits and vegetables and teaching the patients to do same. Health promotion strategies includes strengthening the individual skills to take charge of their health by encouraging healthy behaviours and building and enabling social environment to help support the behavioural changes. Implementing any health promotion programme such as advocating the stoppage of smoking involves creating an environment which does not support smoking and also making policies which ban smoking and making it illegal substance in the public and…show more content…
Nurses are highly skilled in providing care to both the healthy and sick patients, in this days of reducing cost of managing health and shortage of healthcare personals, focusing more on health promotion and prevention of diseases and illness makes a better choice of any options. Nurses function in variety of settings and are therefore available any time for health counseling and health education, the nurses can be called upon even from a distance with the help of telecommunication to give information about any health issues, when nurses are working within a health promotion model, every interaction with a client can be an educational intervention (Raukin 2005). For example, when bed bathing a soon to be discharged patient who is bedridden, it is important to discuss about regular exercise such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation, care of pressure areas and regular changing of positions. Nurses interact with people every day from different social economic and cultural background and each communication is an opportunity to educate the public on the importance of health promotion through prevention of illness and diseases. When a nurse does a home visit to discuss the care of a newborn care, it is important for the nurse to educate the child’s mother on the various care required by the baby and ensuring all vaccines are gotten by the

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