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Paulo Freire a Brazilian educator, philosopher and a leading advocate of critical education puts forth his opinions of the education system in the article ‘The Banking Concept of Education’. Freire (2008) expresses his ideas on the mechanical error in the current education system referring to the “banking” method and offers his own solution that he believes will solve the learning-teacher disorder in the classroom referring to the problem poising method. Freire (2008) develops his position on the education system and tries to convey the idea that the “banking” method of education is dehumanization and objectification of humans and that the problem-posing method is a more effective way of learning for students. Freire (2008) supports this argument…show more content…
He uses dramatic and descriptive words to get the audience’s attention and stir up their emotions. “The contents, whether values or empirical dimensions of reality, tend in the process of being narrated to become lifeless and petrified. Education is suffering from narration sickness.” in this quote, Freire uses word as “lifeless” and “sickness” which set the mood for the entire passage giving us a negative vibe at the start. In addition to this his use of diction, Freire uses several syntactical strategies to convey his point about the awful teaching in the education system. Implicit in the banking concept is the assumption of a dichotomy between human beings and the world: a person is merely in the world, not with the world or with others; the individual is a spectator, not re-creator. In this view the person is not a conscious being (corpo consciente); he or she is rather the possessor of a consciousness: an empty “mind” passively open to the reception of deposits of reality from the world outside.” What he means by this is that the banking method inflicts a system between a person and the world resulting in obvious decease of his or her perception. Freire then claims that teachers take the role of depositors and students take the role of receptors; the banking method thus changes individuals into objects. Humans then as objects have no autonomy and so have no…show more content…
However, as his writing progresses the tone becomes extreme when he describes students as “Alienated slaves” and begins to talk about the system as a great “Oppressor” which “Dehumanizes.” This gives us an intellect of his desperate and personal desire for helping students. Freire’s (2008) tone throughout his writing helps the

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