Examples Of Feminism In The Scarlet Letter

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When you think of the word feminist, your definition may differ from mine. I think of feminism as a trait that a woman has and the trait is strongly felt or not strongly felt in them. If it’s felt I believe that a woman supports equality strongly and she is strong enough to take care of herself and doesn’t need anyone to help her and that’s what I think a feminist is. This novel does seem to act like feminist novel since Hester is alone, but considering who the author is it may not have been purposely portrayed as a feminist novel. Now let's think about Hester from The Scarlet Letter, I think she could fulfill the role of a feminist under my definition. She acts as a strong, distant character in the novel. Nobody is with her throughout her life except her daughter Pearl and she does struggle to survive but gets through any problem in the way. I’ve already established that I consider Hester to be a strong female character because she was able to…show more content…
I believe that in these days with feminism being such a strong and noticeable thing and having all different types of definitions that this book can be seen as a feminist novel. I don’t think the purpose of this novel was to give off a feminist feeling though. I’m guessing the author wrote the book and over time it has been given a feminist title and has been associated with feminism itself. So it was never purposely supposed to be feminist based in the first place, I’m guessing. What could give this novel feminist attributes is Hester herself and all the struggles she went through. Hester went through so much as I’ve already explained but since she is seen as such a strong, independent woman it gives off the idea of feminism. She had barely any help from anyone and was alone most of the time, except for having her daughter Pearl. She handled herself fine through all her problems, and with my definition of feminism this can really bring out those feminist

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