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P.E. Final Gym is one of my favorite classes. I look forward to it everyday because I get to have fun playing games with my friends. For many of my friends and I, gym is a worry free class where we get to release our energy that is stored in our body throughout the day. But, physical education is still a very important class. It is proven that exercise helps us focus our minds and helps to relieve us of stress. Exercise also reduces the chance of getting diseases such as heart disease or diabetes. Diabetes is a pretty big issue in the U.S. due to the high number of obese people, and one way to reduce that is by starting to exercise at a young age. Going back to the mind subject, physical education can also help students in their other…show more content…
For me, gym is like a second home because I have so much fun in the class and I don’t focus on the pressures of grades in other classes or some drama that happened with two people. I just need to try hard, put in effort, and have fun with my old friends, and some new friends, playing sports that we love. I always look forward to the time of year where we play basketball in gym because me and my friends love basketball and gym basketball is always a fun experience. Another reason that I like gym so much is because I get to catch up with some old friends that I don’t have classes with and I get to become better friends with people that I do have classes with. Looking back on every school year, usually I become great friends with kids that are in my gym class. That is mainly due to the amount of communication that we have while playing on teams and while waiting to play or waiting for the teacher to take attendance. Also, looking back on it, I do not have any bad memories of gym class besides me rolling my ankle a few times. Most of the memories are fun moments, like a crazy game winning shot in basketball. The memories from my gym classes make me happy. So, physical education is shown again to benefit students with more than just their health. Physical education helps students make new friends and new memories from
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