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10 Short Story Collections that will Make You Laugh Humour is the easiest way to lift up one’s spirit. It is a fun way to delve into reading. Here are 10 of the short story collections that are filled with wit, humour and fun. 1. Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris David Sedaris is a foremost American author, comedian, and humourist. It is a collection of 27 funny stories from Sedaris’ life, divided into two parts, One and Deux. The first section consists of stories of him growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina and then working in New York City. The other section contains stories inspired by his move and life in France. Me Talk Pretty One Day won Thurber Prize for American Humor in 2001 2. One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.…show more content…
J. Novak is a writer, director, producer and actor widely known for his work in the American television comedy series The Office. One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is funny, entertaining and clever. In the story One More Thing, a boy wins a prize of $100,000 and finds out that claiming it might unravel his family. The stories have a wide range of themes, subjects and narratives that are insightful and hilarious at the same time. The book depicts Novak’s flair as a comedy writer as well as a short story writer. 3. Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin Steve Martin is a popular writer, comedian, musician, actor and producer. Cruel Shoes is a collection of humorous offbeat short stories and essays. The story Cruel Shoes is a satirical short story about a woman in a shoe store. The book proves Martin’s excellence in written humour. 4. Hot Pink by Adam…show more content…
Side Effects by Woody Allen Woody Allen is an American writer, comedian, musician, director and actor. Side Effects is a collection of 17 comical short stories that appeared in the New Yorker. One of the stories, The Kugelmass Episode won the O. Henry Award in 1978. Considered as one of the humour classics by many, Side effects is loaded with laughter and chuckles. 7. A Load of Hooey by Bob Odenkirk Bob Odenkirk is an American writer, comedian, director, producer and actor. A Load of Hooey ranges from intentionally ridiculous monologues to deliberately bad theatre, and from experimental fiction to free verse poetry. Anyone who has read the book will know why Odenkirk is considered a legend in the comedy writing world. 8. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh Allie Brosh was named one of the fifty most influential creative persons in the world in 2013. Hyperbole and a Half is a collection of hilarious web-comics and stories about life’s mishaps. The stories cover her wild and energetic childhood, challenges of owning a mentally disabled dog, and her struggles with depression. 9. Birds of America by Lorrie

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