Reality In The Glass Menagerie

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“Reality does not impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” ― Anaïs Nin. Every human being holds its right to risk its life for the sake of its happiness. The genre of firing into the darkness of a rainbow. Tennessee Williams brings in the eyeopener of reality in the souls of those punished for their escape. Has it ever been heard that a man has jumped from a window, in escaping from inner demons? In the “Glass Menagerie”, Tennessee Williams demonstrates the theme of dreams through symbols such as Movies, Coffin trick, and the fire escape. The fire escape is the route to an exit for the characters during the play from the tenement, the departure from the flames of disappointment and rage that light in the souls of William's characters. While Laura leaves to the fire escape, she slips, implying that she can never escape this universe. On the other hand, Tom steps out at the landing of the "fire escape" repeatedly, to smoke which foreshadows his uncertainty about his motives and about abandoning his sister and mother. When Tom is…show more content…
As he tells it, the movies give him a taste of adventure and freedom from his ugly reality. Similar to Laura with her Victrola. The movies for Tom are an opportunity for shared experiences for his much-desired "romance and adventure." However, even Tom knows that films are merely satisfactory. One can guess, then, that "going to movies" is a substitution for all kinds of other late-night activities which include drinking, which his mother dislikes and reprimands for him to stop, that it may lead to a downfall in his career and jeopardize their security. Tom comes home one morning at 5 am, and only his sister, Laura, would realize he got that bright silk scarf he waves from Malvolio the
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