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The low organ donation rate is seemed to be a dust for the patients who are in the waiting list. Compare with other developed countries, the organ donation rate in Hong Kong is much lower. The demand of organ is much larger than the organ donation rate (Fig.a). It is sad that many patients die before they get a suitable organ, and therefore it is the fire burns our eyebrows to increase the rate of organ donation. How to increase the rate of organ donation in Hong Kong? Since it is related to different stakeholders—the government, non government organizations and the community, they may cooperate with each other to increase organ donation rate by propaganda, education and modify the current policy. Propaganda increases the organ donation rate by increasing the citizens’ awareness. Previously, most of the citizens did not care about organ donation until the news of Jamella Lo who died before she got a suitable lung. The low awareness lead the low registered centralized organ donation register. Only…show more content…
Currently, organ donation in Hong Kong is carrying out an opting-in system. We can decide voluntarily as a donor. However, many countries especially the European countries have developed an opting-out system which is a legislation that assume all citizen to be donor. Citizens should sign a statement if they do not want to be donor. The rate of organ donation can increase rapidly after promoting opting-out system. If the opting-out system carried out in Hong Kong, the decision of citizens would show at the backside of identity card. Therefore, the medical staff may understand the decision of patients easily. According to the current policy, although donor has the right to donate their organ, the final decision maker is their relatives. The relatives can veto the donors’ decision. The government should modify the current policy that the decision of relatives should not be

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