ESL Self Reflection

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I had been taking ESL (English as a second language) classes from first grade to fifth grade. I was happy to say that I will no longer be in ESL class because due to my recent evaluation from my ESL teacher I have been improving in mastering the English language. I knew I was no longer going to get the support from my ESL teacher; I would be on my own. If my ESL teacher thought I was ready to take a regular language arts class, then I also believed that I was ready because I knew that I was taking in more information, and my vocabulary was expanding daily. At first, I thought it was going to be a good transition from my ESL to a regular 6th grade English class, but it wasn't so. In my class schedule, I would be taking a regular English with…show more content…
Fox mentioned. There isn’t a right way to study for the upcoming test but taking what I learned in my Read 180 and applying this knowledge to carefully analyze the passage is a great way to start. My time in the Read 180 class has taught me many skills such using a bookmark, use a placement black strip, writing notes on what I read, summarizing, asking questions, keeping flashcards of important prefixes, jotting down words I didn't understand on a separate sheet of paper, skills to interrupt what a word could mean and improve my reading by reading a few minutes daily. These skills are what helped me pass the test. One morning day when I went to collect the mail I saw a letter to the guardian of Diana Martinez. I opened that same letter to find that I pass the test I was filled with happiness to know that I had overcome my lack of reading and quickly ran to let my parents the good news. Next year in 7th grade I would be in a regular English class. Today, I try my best to read and sure I still might not know all the fancy big words yet, but I try. I still remember that same words she said, “I don’t expect to all of you to know all of this...just try your best.” Those same words are what encourage me to read aloud on occasion and not be embarrassed by failure if I can’t pronounce a word and if I get don’t know what a word means I won’t be shy to ask. The future is bright and the time I spent in Read 180, Ms. Fox has given me support to not fear the failure of not understanding the meaning of a word when I’m reading but put in time and effort to continue my educational

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