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Overview Carol’s Daughter is a line of products developed specifically for women of color. This product helps to manage the” kinks” of their natural hair. The current products of the line does not produce a long term curling effect. The new product to be introduced however is intended to produce long lasting curls with an added sheen. This new product to be introduced to the Carol’s Daughter brand is called “curling pudding” (Carol’s Daughter Curling Pudding). This product is intended to ensure that the user’s curls are soft to the touch, and moisturized at all times. As with all products in the Carol’s Daughter line there is not sticky residue or build up with the use of this product. Potential Market Segment Women of color are becoming…show more content…
To promote quality care for their natural hair. The development of this product has fortunately coincided with our new marketing campaign. According to Wilson (2015), the “Born and Made” campaign is totally in line with the original vision behind Carol’s Daughter. This campaign allows women of color to celebrate their heritage. This campaign not only celebrates heritage but also self-acceptance. This message speaks directly to the need for products which will allow women of color to enjoy their natural hair “kinks” and all without…show more content…
It is imperative that one remembers that products and services are utilized for the desire, want and or needs that they fulfill. Just like products, services contrast one from another by exhibiting distinguishing features and benefits. These variances may not be explicitly obvious to current and prospective customers. There is a purpose to every product or service offered to the public. The characteristics of the product or service offered is referred to as features. While the reasons behind the purchase of said product or service is termed

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