Adlerian Behavior Theory

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This approach is what Adlerians call holistic concept, the understanding of the whole person and all internal factors that influence the individual decision making and behavior. Corey (2017) notes, Individual Psychology sees an individual’s behavior as intentional; goal-oriented. Behavior is manifested through the individual’s thought, and feeling in relation to the purpose of the goal. Furthermore, the approach pays attention to patterns in the individual's past experiences and the direct relation to current situation (p.100). Adler also found individuals are more prone to defeat obstacles when striving for superiority, not over others, rather to accomplish personal goals. For example, a perceive weakness, such as, public speaking can be…show more content…
The author notes, “Adlerian therapists realize that clients can become discouraged and function ineffectively because of mistaken beliefs, faulty values, and useless or self absorbed goals” (p. 105). Only through the family constellation, can a therapist assess the client’s style of living, this is done through a questionnaire about family members and their upbringing, where and why the client puts emphasis in regards to feeling inferior or superior. These recollections are beneficial in understanding the client, their motivations, and goals. In a sense, a road map for the client in self-understanding, which will aid with the final stage of the process; action-oriented phase to new discoveries and new…show more content…
[Adding], that encouragement is the universal therapeutic intervention for Adlerian counselors, that it is a fundamental attitude, or way of being, rather than a techniques. Because clients often do not recognize or accept their positive qualities, strengths, or internal resources, one of the counselor's main tasks is to help them do so” (as cited in Corey, 2017, p. 114). By encouraging the client to see things positively, it helps the client find motivation and commit to setting tasks in renewing goals to reflect their own perception of success. This method can be monumental when dealing with multicultural populations. Carlson and Englar-Carlson (2013) state, “Adlerian theory is well suited to counseling diverse populations and doing social justice work” (as cited in Corey, 2017, p. 119). It is adhering in focusing on the contextual environment the client is present and the influential effects on the life. Similar, Arciniega and Newton (2003) see Adlerianism beneficial to diversity, social issues, in a sociocultural context, to better understand the client connectedness (as cited in Corey, 2017, p.

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