The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment risks the execution of the innocent person. Sadly, one cannot be brought to life if found not guilty after the execution. Human beings are biased and make mistakes too. The jury that decides the fate of the criminal is also a group of humans so, there is a high chance of executing an innocent life. The article “Rethinking the Death Penalty” states, “Most Americans still favor the death penalty, but support has declined in the past five years. Critics point to documented attacks on the reliability and fairness of court procedures in the capital cases. They claim too many death sentences are reversed on appeal and that flaws in the system, including inadequate defense counsels, create an unacceptable risk of executing an innocent person” (Jost). There are various examples of people who were falsely convicted and had to lose their life for no crime. According to the Death Penalty Information Centre, more than 1,450 people that were executed must have been innocent since 1976. One of them is Carlos DeLuna’s story. He was charged…show more content…
It is illogical in making a point that executing the convict would give justice to an already dead victim. Healing a wound takes time and another death will never lessen or console the victim’s or his family’s pain. It would rather be another homicide, but in a legal way. Suffering can never be healed by executing people as a punishment. Instead of executing the criminals, lifelong imprisonment gives them time to reform themselves and think about their sins. By doing this, we could at least reduce the pain of the defendant’s family. We could at least save a life, even if it is the life of a criminal. If not, both families will have to suffer the life-long pain of losing a family member. We can find many cases where the victim’s family has publicly criticized capital punishment given to the one who killed their loved
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