The Importance Of Health Communication

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Health communication is the primary component of public health. It plays crucial role in achieving the objectives of public health. Without effective health communication, it is impossible to achieve the target of public health. Health communication can function in multiple forms. Verbal and non-verbal types of communication can be used in Health communication. The message communicated in local dialect can increase its effectiveness. Hence, local media plays an important part in the successful delivery of the messages. It is very much important for the health program planners to have knowledge of selecting communication channels which are most suitable to the people and through which the information of health can be successfully delivered…show more content…
Communication, as the term indicates, is the exchange of information between individuals by means of writing or using a common system of signs and behaviors. Hence, public health without effective health communication is far from reality to achieve the target of public health. Health communication can influence to a great extent individuals and communities and make them comprehend on health care thereby improving the public health. Health communication is the effective tool that can be used to improve health outcome and it gives great contribution to reduce health disparities, and helps to promote behavioral and social change (Renata,…show more content…
Poknapham (Manipuri), Sangai Express (Manipuri and English), Hueiyen Lanpao (Manipuri and English), Paojel (Manipuri), Imphal Free Press(English), Kangleipakki Meira (Manipuri) are some of leading dailies published in Imphal ( Department of Information and Public Relations, 2016). In addition, there are many dailies published in tribal dialects. Aja (tangkhul),Cham (Kabui),Eimi Times (Thadou-Kuki and English),Hmasawnnathar (Hmar), Lamka Post ( Paite)Zogam Todeay (Zou) are some of popular tribal dialects newspapers in Manipur published virtually in District Headquarters (Department of Information and Public Relations, 2016). The following tables may indicate the circulation of publications in Manipur: Registered publications in Manipur as on 31st March 2014 (Press in India,

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