Argumentative Essay: Summer's Summer And School?

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Summer + school = ? ‘Summer’. When you hear this magic word you probably imagine yourself being somewhere in a warm country, on a sandy beach, enjoying your long-awaited rest. You’re done with your studies, at least for a couple of months. No more annoying alarm trying to wake you up and not to give you these sweet ‘5 more minutes’ to enjoy your sleep. No more public transport full of people in cold and dark morning hours (you probably won’t believe it, but it is really painful, at least in Moscow!). No more deadlines to worry about. Just you and your well-deserved days (weeks or even months if you’re lucky enough or… if you’re a student) of joy and free time. Freedom! Indeed freedom to do what you want, freedom from stressful weekdays. However, what if to try to look at these days in a different way? Imagine: you have days (or weeks, or even months) free of your sometimes annoying routine. Could it be a freedom not only from, but for something? Maybe, even for more school? ‘Definitely not,’ some of you might say. ‘Summer and school are unrelated words, come back on September.’ ‘Why not?’ the others may ask. As crazy as it may sound, summer is a great opportunity to learn new things while being out of your comfort zone. For me,…show more content…
It was an exciting chance to visit another country and become a ‘real student’ there. Yes, it meant to actually go to classes and to work on assignments in summer. On the other hand, it also was about meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. So, when a tough selection process ended, I was jumped for joy: I was selected for this program and headed to the UK, the country I have been learning about all these years from textbooks (every student at least in my program remembers this ‘London is the capital of Great Britain’ line from our English

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