Essay On How To Lose Weight

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Individuals who have obesity or overweight problems are usually not satisfied with their weight and many of them tend to use unhealthy ways to reduce their weight. According to Grigg, Bowman, and Redman (1996), a study had carried out among individuals on how they manage their weight reduction. The result shows that they reduce their weight by unhealthy dieting. Besides, obesity or overweight will harm our health and it will increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. The best way to address this problem is start with weight reduction healthily. Losing weight can help one not only in the physical aspects, but also in the mental aspects like reduce stress level, increase energy level and have a positive sense of self. Hence, there are few ways to lose weight, which include exercising regularly,…show more content…
The first step of healthily weight loss is exercising regularly. It can burn excessive fats and calories, and lose weight effectively depends on the exercise performed whether it is intensive or moderate. The higher the intensity of exercise, the higher the effectiveness in losing weight. Next, eating healthily is also important for weight lost. People can avoid taking too much calories by having a healthy and well-balanced nutritionally diet. Another way to lose weight is people must keep motivated in losing weight so that they will not easily give up and can achieve their goals effectively. If a person wishes to reduce weight, he or she needs to come along with strong target that may motivate them turn the goal into action for the sake in achieving the target. Most importantly, if the weight still remains unchanged after few months, a change of diet, exercise and motivation have to be made immediately in order to lose weight effectively and
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