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Parents and guardians have arguably the most important job on their hands. Not only does their actions affect their children while they live in the same house, but also into adulthood. The Urban Child Institute states, “A positive home environment is the foundation for healthy brain development.” Situations in the home such as divorce, poverty, abuse, etc can all lead to negative long-term effects. Author of “Those Winter Sundays,” Robert Hayden, experienced many tribulations of his own at a young age, such as separation from his birth parents, living in a tough foster home, and poverty. Robert Hayden’s disfigured childhood inspired him to share personal experiences and emotions in the poem, “Those Winter Sundays.” Robert Hayden was born…show more content…
Although Hayden’s father worked very hard, the family still struggled with money because labor workers do not make any more than the bare minimum. This struggle obviously left a mark on Hayden because of the word choice. The visual word such as “cracked” make it sound like Hayden remembers it like it was yesterday. Poverty is proven to leave a mark on people in many different ways. Children who live in low-income houses usually have less resources to learn than higher-income children (Urban Child) . Robert Hayden was able to overcome that and use his stories to become a successful…show more content…
Just like this question is at the very “end” of the poem, Robert Hayden did not come to the realization of his father until towards the “end” of his own life. It was because of Hayden’s childhood that he did not understand his father’s caring actions. This realization inspired Hayden to write “Those Winter Sundays” as a tribute to his father. In conclusion, the power of one's childhood is very strong. It is during childhood that experiences can spark opinions and feelings to form that can affect adulthood. Robert Hayden was able to disprove what he thought he knew to be true from his childhood. He turned his childhood experiences into a powerful poem that readers can relate to or sympathize

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