What Is The Importance Of Mathematics In Mathematics Education

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Situational Analysis Several research studies in mathematics education focus on improving the achievement of students in mathematics. These research studies aim to convince educators to pay more attention to finding better and practical solutions for improving the progress of students in mathematics. Considering the importance of mathematics which provides students the ability to develop critical thinking skills and acquire effective ways of problem-solving, they should be equipped with skills and knowledge in mathematics. Mathematics allows every individual to model real-world problems or conditions around. Mathematics provides opportunities for exploration of those problems in a variety of ways and search for a solution or possibly the best of many solutions. At present, tasks in mathematics classrooms are easier to accomplish compared to the conditions in past decades. One of the reforms in mathematics education is the advent of technology integration in the classroom. A quality mathematics education in the twenty-first century includes the opportunity or students to learn with and from suitable technology. Although…show more content…
They also claimed that ICT as one of the essential capabilities that young people should acquire in order to participate successfully in the contemporary social, economic, and cultural life. Some examples they introduced showed that introducing new mathematical and communication technologies into the classroom can change the way that knowledge is produced. They also added that to become effective users of technology in mathematics education, however, teachers need to make informed decisions about how and why to integrate different types of technology into their classroom practice in order to support the learning of students in

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