The Importance Of Daily Life

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Each day, as I am pulling into my driveway, after a long day at school, I begin exhaling the exhausting burdens of the day. Time to muster all of my strength, for my role as a mother is in play. Welcome to my chaotic, and very tasking life. To be a single mom and full time college student, one must have to possess a most invigorating disposition. Daily life entails so many tasks to be completed and so much more to be accomplished day to day. At 4:30 in the mornings, my alarm rings out. I rub my eyes vigorously, hoping that my alarm is malfunctioning and is ringing an hour too early. Unfortunately for me, the alarm is indeed right on time. As I roll out of bed, I find myself stumbling over an obstacle course of several mounds of small action…show more content…
Although my outer appearance seems vibrant and energetic to everyone else, my inner self only wishes that she could crawl back into bed and rest a tad more. Attentively, I take notes, making sure to write down important details to prepare myself for exams that I know will proceed the lessons. Morning progresses to evening and classes are finally over for the…show more content…
After their homework is complete, I begin preparing dinner. Getting both of them bathed and into bed at a decent hour is like a (Q&A) questions and answer trivia game. Genesis doesn’t put up a fight and goes to bed like a proper little lady. But Kendarius is never ready for bed. “Is my sister sleep?” he asks me. “Yes Kendarius.” I answer. “Well I’m wide awake!” he says. “Go to bed son!” I demand. “Why mom?” he asks again. “Because I said so” I tell him briskly. “Well can I sleep in your bed?” he asks. And with a great sigh, one or two things usually happens at this point. Either Kendarius finally gives up asking questions and goes to bed, or either I give in and allow him to sleep in my bed. After they are both resting, I begin completing my own homework and assignments. Now I can’t tell you when I actually finish all my homework, or fall asleep, but somehow after the last assignment, my eyes seem to close during the

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