Edward Hopper's Art: Abstract Expressionism

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As a kid I’d always stare out the window, into the serene yet mysterious world. Waiting upon my parents late at night, I’d watch in awe as the stars just faintly flicker, filling an endlessly empty void. A day at the beach I’d observed the aggressive waves splash against the docks, each wave conflicting with my emotion. Before getting interrupted by my teacher for not paying attention, I’d notice the pouring rain and people passing by, leaving me questioning about their lives. Everyday our lives are consumed by daily hassles, social standards, jobs, and school. From it all, nobody stops and reflects upon themselves. Artist Edward Hopper uses his conservative, dark, "anti-narrative symbolism" oil paintings to reach into one's vulnerability and to question themselves about their environment, instead of giving an audience a concrete answer on what the painting is representing.…show more content…
It’s quite peculiar that a flat piece of board can reveal so much emotions that one can feel. Through Hopper’s paintings it was leading the way towards the concept of Abstract Expressionism, a concept that continues to rise in popularity today. During the time of his paintings, after World War II, it impacted the world that couldn’t be foreseen, they essentially woke Americans from their crippling life. After living a life of anxiety and fear, Americans didn’t realize what they were missing and Hopper helped fix that void. Fraenkel, a famous photographer mentioned how Hopper was “more than almost any American artist, Hopper has had a pervasive impact on the way we see the world--so pervasive as to be almost invisible," (The Art Story) which was seen when Hopper introduced isolation of individuals intentionally representing themselves. The way his artwork revealed such complex emotions left a lasting effect on society to be experienced for many years to

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