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The twenty-first century is era of technologies and online communication. As a consequence, there is no time left to communicate in real life. Therefore, it is essential to have solid writing skills to communicate in education, business spheres and even daily life. In this case, student should learn how to write effectively for their own work and improve their writing skills. Probably, universities have to take responsibility for improving writing skills of students. Nevertheless, some educators argue that speaking skills are more important since they are necessary not only for daily life, but also for business sphere. Sharon Wyeth (2014), educator, claims that speaking is more important than writing and people should spend time to improve…show more content…
It means that writing helps to think critically. It happens since students or people in general should think about ideas that could support their opinions and be opposite to them, evaluate them, choose the best views and write well-structured answer with unambiguous and compelling arguments when they do different writing tasks (Quitadamo & Kurtz, 2007). Hence, the writing tasks could improve the way of thinking critically. According to Ryan (2016), critical thinking is one of the most needed skills to be leader in business or other spheres. To put it another way, to be a worthy leader in workforce person should have well-developed critical thinking skills. Practicing writing skills by doing different tasks and answering on questions fully may develop cognitive skills that are parts of critical thinking (Schmidt, 1999). Therefore, in order to improve critical thinking, people should write. Moreover, according to the National Writing project and Nagin (2006), people could use their ideas about writing tasks’ questions not only in academic spheres but also in real lives. It is also benefit since it may lead to the respect of other people and being authority figure when they will hear these clear and well-structured ideas. Thus, writing skills could improve critical thinking that has many
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