Organizational Behavior Reflection

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I would like to describe two major phases of my life that have transformed me, as a person and my life, as a whole, completely. These two phases are so relatable to the discussions that we have had in our Organizational Behavior lectures that I can easily draw parallels to almost every significant situation that I have been through. The first phase that I would like to write about would be about my career so far, prior to Great Lakes. I have had a very rocky career filled with a multitude of challenges. I was working in a highly male populated company with prejudiced minds. I was shifted from one technology to another four times in a span of two years. I had a two year bond that prohibited me from leaving the organization for better growth…show more content…
Your environment, upbringing, experiences, situations and surroundings nurture you, build you, and mould the additional layers that surround your core. I am a very self-sufficient person by nature. I have always preferred doing things all by myself, my way. I have studied by myself all through my school and college, without joining any external tutors or coaching classes. This habit, though considered to be an asset, has at a lot of times converted me into an asocial element. As a result of this, I do not trust people easily. I do not confide in people and take a lot of time to start relying on someone. But this nature has been nurtured to a large extent after I started working. I realized the criticality of teamwork and team building at office. I realized the very foundation of a company lies in its people and that a company cannot prosper without all the individuals working together, as a team, and depending on each other. I also realized that it was important to create a healthy bond with your teammates since each person was there to help the other. The second most critical phase of my life, Great Lakes, is the best live example to teach me the value of teamwork. I have learnt the importance of trusting people, relying on them, being trusted, being relied upon. This place has also time and again made me realize that your Network is your Networth. All our assignments and projects are in groups, thus inculcating in me the concept of peer
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