Essay On Danger Signs During Pregnancy

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1. INTRODUCTON 1.1. Background ;- Global situation information Danger signs are signs of serious complications and they are grouped under three phases: pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. The commonest danger signs during pregnancy include vaginal bleeding, swollen hands and face, and blurred vision. Key danger signs during labor and childbirth include severe vaginal bleeding, prolonged labor, convulsions, and retained placenta. Danger signs during the postpartum period include severe bleeding following childbirth, loss of consciousness after childbirth, and fever [1] Danger signs of pregnancy though not the actual obstetric complications, are symptoms that are easily recognized by the woman, her family and members of the community and include swelling of feet and hands, severe headache or fits, fever, smelly vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding before labor [2] Worldwide, about 287,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth related complications [3] . Around 80% of maternal deaths worldwide are brought by obstetric complication such as hemorrhage, infection,…show more content…
All pregnant women have exposure of risk for complications that are unpredictable , it is very mandatory that treatment of infection, detection of different quality health service and access to preventive health service are basically useful to ensure the wellbeing of all pregnant women. so knowledge of danger signs about pregnancy , delivery and postnatal service will help to solve what happened if there is problem of danger signs and to decided early urgent preventive measure or emergency care diagnosis which saves the life of two both [15]

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