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Thousands of creation myths exist throughout the world. Different cultures that exist each have a distinct view on how the world was created. Although this is true, all of these myths are similar in one way or another. All creation myths are sacred explanations and can be examined in nearly all religious cultures. (Johnson, n.p.). Myths are stories that contain a plot and characters who are viewed as either deities, human-like figures, or animals, who will speak and seek to transform themselves (Johnson n.p.). These creation myths, founded long ago, bring up important questions to be asked regarding how a society acknowledges their perspective beliefs on the world and what they value in life (Womack 81). The story of creation from the Acoma Indians’ emphasizes the importance of nature to the world. The…show more content…
The Acoma Indians’ creation myth reveals the importance of nature how they value nature into their everyday lives. The background of the Acoma Indians should first be considered before the origin myth can be examined. Dating back to the 1300’s the existence of the Acoma Indians’ appeared because of the migration of the Ansazi (Pritzker 6). The Ansazi had decided to flee their homelands as a result of changing climates and social uprisings (Pritzker 6). The Acoma inhabiting their homeland near present day Albuquerque, New Mexico in the early 1300’s has allowed them to become one of the oldest communities that exists in the United States. The Acoma have been known as the “People of the White Rock,” stemming from the meaning behind the word Acoma, which means “the place that always was” (Pritzker 6). The Acoma are known as Pueblo Indians because of the southwestern architecture that existed within their villages (Prizker 6). There are 3 villages that exist, Sky City (Old Acoma), Acomita, and McCartys (Pritzker 8).

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