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Ever played basketball and felt the struggle to dribble the ball due to deflation? Some balls are easy to dribble than others. If all the basketballs undergo same manufacturing process then what makes some best and others defective? Well it’s the quality of the ball that decided its future. That simply means that a basketball for matches is the one with certain types of characteristics, material and properties. Basketball is basically a game played in a rectangular court by two teams intending to throw the ball into the hoop on the backboard. The game requires a constant handling of ball from one player to another. The basketball ball has to be designed in such a way to make the game easy to be played. The basket ball is an inflated spherical…show more content…
The covers for basketballs that are made of synthetic laminated rubber or leather are also made in panels that are die-cut like the rubber panels. The highest-quality balls are covered in quality leather. Other materials include synthetic rubber, rubber or composition. The synthetic laminated panels are shaved or trimmed along the edges, fitted and glued together by hand, and laminated to the carcass to create channels. Further if there are any glue traces around the edges are removed, and any imperfect panels are replaced in the final inspection of synthetic laminated covers. Leather covers are made of full-grain, genuine leather and are stitched with heavy-duty machines; instead of indented, formed channels, the stitching forms the channels in leather balls. Properties of raw materials complementing their function: While choosing the raw material for basketball certain things should be kept in mind. Basketball should be light in weight and have a good bounce yet keeping the best of its quality. Butyl Rubber which is used in the inner bladder has many useful material properties which makes it fit to be used as the inner layer to trap air. Butyl rubber is a great option for shock absorption and has exceptionally low gas and moisture permeability and outstanding resistance to heat, aging, weather, ozone, chemical attack, flexing, abrasion, and tearing. It can be easily vulcanized

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