The Importance Of Critical Thinking In The Internet Era

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Critical Thinking in The Internet Era In the era of the internet critical thinking became more important than ever. As the internet provides a lot of information and make it easy for anyone who wants it to find the information, but sometimes it is not accurate, because anyone can put whatever he wants in it, and here we need our critical thinking to decide. Nowadays, critical thinking is a primary goal in the modern educational system. Without critical thinking, it would be difficult to distinguish between the right information and the wrong one. Critical thinking is very important, because it means that you are thinking logically. As a critical thinker, when any idea comes to you, you will start to see if it's reasonable, and then you will think about it carefully, and finally you will judge it logically. And in these days, critical thinking is a goal for the modern communities to teach their young people how to think critically, because it will affect many fields in life and makes them better, especially in science and arts. We should know that critical thinking is how are we thinking in our lives, what should we should believe and what…show more content…
As we know, the Internet became the most important source of information and knowledge, it contains information about almost everything we want to know about it, including academic searches in various fields. But the Internet has a weakness point, which is the accuracy of the information in it. Nowadays, anyone can access to Internet and write whatever he wants about anything he wants and upload it to the web, even if he is not a specialist or qualified to write about that topic. Or sometimes, someone is writing using the name of someone else and speaks in his name falsely. Sometimes, the information in the Internet are old and it was right at the time it was written in, but it became false, and it is not valid

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