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This assignment is about the engineering field in general. Also, it discusses the specialization that is best for me in order to proceed a career that fits me. In order to choose the right specialization, I need to figure out what technical skills I am good at and what technical skills that I lack as well as finding what people think about my social skills. In addition, it mentions the kind of problems that my field engineers work on and how much time does it take them. Furthermore, it states some companies that hire my field engineers and how many of them out there. Also, it talks about the professional society in my field. Moreover, it discusses what the market looks like for my field engineers as well as the salary package for starter and…show more content…
Also, I do not have the ability to manage multi-tasking problems at the same time, I only can concentrate on one problem. In addition, I do not love to work with a team, I always prefer to work alone. I believe that the team will only slow me down while I can achieve the work without a team. I think these skills I lack match the industrial engineering because this field focuses on working with a team as well as taking all the time to perform a work. People think I am shy and not socially active. Also, they think I am not good at presenting in front of a lot of people. I think these social skills fit the industrial engineering as well, because it is a field that concentrate much on the social…show more content…
In public sector, electrical engineers can work for many ministries such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Communications and so on. In private sector, there are many companies that hire electrical engineers. the most reputable companies are Aramco, Sabic, Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Telecom Company, Mobily and so on. I looked up the number of electrical engineers in the world and I found that "There were 1.235 million people working as software developers last year, and 271,000 electrical engineers, according to unpublished U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data."[3] Unfortunately, I tried to look up the number of electrical engineers in Saudi Arabia but I could not find reliable sources. The professional society for engineers in Saudi Arabia is called Saudi Council for Engineers. "The Council was established by Royal Decree No. 36/m issued on 26/9/1423, as per prime minister's decision no. 226 issued on 13/9/1423. It is a scientific vocational council that aims at developing the engineering profession and anything that will raise and enhance its level and those who work in it. Its tasks include putting bases and criteria for practicing and developing the profession including license terms, setting rules and tests required to obtain vocational degrees, preparing studies and researches, organizing courses, holding seminars and conferences related to the

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