The Importance Of Construction Project

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Construction project is consideredcomplex as they involve many activities and parties related which will influence each other at different stages because an integrated array of decisions, actions, and communications are very necessary to complete the projects successfully. Besides that, a project is a system requiring fully functioning processes and procedures, tools and resources, and when any of these aspects are not working properly,many problems are tend to occur. Not only that, construction projects is als unique in terms of their final products and the various parties involved in the project. Mogbo (2004) stated in Kasimu and Usman, (2013) that the economies of nations as which always strongly related to politics, economics, sociology…show more content…
Without sufficient fund, any project cannot be completed and continue because the design and specifications of a projects highly depends upon it. Hence, availability of stable sufficient funds and effective financial management from the decided party are very important and it is a basic aspects to ensure the success of any construction projects to complete within the estimated cost. That is why construction cost is considered as one of the main considerations throughout the project lifecycle and can be regarded as a very important parameter of a project. Despite, its significance is proven, it is not rare to observe a construction project failing to achieve its objectives within approximate estimated cost because the final cost exceed the budgeted cost for a construction projects is widely occur in construction industry. This is supported by the Azhar et al. that the cost overruns is common for infrastructure projects and it is vary significantly in scale from project to project (2008). Above all, the understanding the causes of cost overruns is a critical to the ensure the success of construction projects but before taking into consideration on the causes of cost overrun, the definition of cost overrun itself needs to be fully understand. Cost overrun is a difference between actual cost of a project and its cost limit. It occurs when the cost target of a project exceed its cost limits. Cost limit of a project refers to the maximum expenditure that the client is prepared to incur on a completed building project or called as budgeted cost while cost target refers to the recommended expenditure for each element of a project (Ismail, Aftab & Ade,
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