Ethical Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Technology gives a person the power of receiving and producing an infinite amount of information at the tip of his/ her fingers. It gives us a massive platform to express ourselves and our opinions. As each generation passes the development of technology increases. Now technology has become a daily “necessity” for most people all over the world. Social media has now become our main way of communication and connection to the rest of the world. However the more technology evolves the more cyber issues increase. The problems starts arising when people start using the power of online self expression to harm others. Is every effortless for a child to do that rather than an adult due to the fact that most children don’t really fully understand the…show more content…
Cyberbullies can use cyberstalking to know the victim’s very digital move. This come make the victim extremely vulnerable to the bully due to the fact that now everything the victim places on the internet is being tracked by the bully. Cyberbullies also use trolling as a way to attack the victim with insults and hurtful language in order to get a certain reaction from the victim. Victims of cyberbullying can also experience masquerading, which is basically catfishing. A cyberbully would create an online false identity and communicate with the victim as a completely different person to gain the victim’s trust. Children tend to use exclusion as a form of online bullying. A child would excluded another from their page or convercation making the victim feel unwanted and hurt. Another form of cyber bullying that’s usually spoken about is outing. Outing is when the cyberbully exploits the victims privacy by sharing their personal information or pictures. Masquerading and outing usually go hand in head, where the cyberbully would catfish the victim in order to gain trust and receive personal information and picture. Then the bully would either threaten the victim with that information or they would publicly share that information. In addition, a victim’s privacy can be completely violated through fraping; this is where a cyberbully hacks into a person’s

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