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Problems on Overfishing around The Entire World Aaron Moniz; Period 6; Rhianna Clark; Due March 16, 2018 Imagine that there was a world without fish and without fish, then there won’t be anymore poke. Well, that might happen because fisherman worldwide are taking more than they are supposed to, and that means overfishing is one of the world’s many issues that are occuring. Overfishing has been a problem for many years. Overfishing has a big impact to the marine life that live in these waters. Overfishing leads to unsustainable aquaculture, probably bidding farewell to the world’s fisheries, and it also leads to bottom trawling, which is tearing the oceans apart. So, in other words, overfishing is a big problem that needs to…show more content…
This research paper will discuss what caused overfishing to occur, how it all started, the effects of overfishing and how it can impact our aquaculture and reefs, facts why overfishing is occurring, what others have done to try and stop this issue, and what we can do to help conclude and eradicate this long-lasting issue. First of all, many people have not realized that hundreds of years ago, overfishing has been a major problem to our lives and to our aquaculture. According to the article, A Brief History of Overfishing, they have informed us that, “Starting from the 11th century, there has been overfishing in the economic regions. In the 14th century, and by the mid 19th century there were already fierce discussions about overfishing. From the beginning of the 21st century, the fisheries crisis has turned into a global threat to the oceans. Once depleting a specific ecosystem, the fisheries moved on to unspoilt areas - from Europe to the Americas, etc. and from the 11th century onwards, overuse has led to the destruction of local and regional…show more content…
From the article, Overfishing and Destructive Fishing Threats, they have mentioned that overfishing can lead to declines in fish populations, ecosystem-wide impacts, and impacts on dependent human communities, and direct overexploitation of fish, invertebrates, and algae are for food and the aquarium trade, but then whatever other wild aquaculture that lives in the ocean won’t have as much food to eat and will starve. Also, when removing a type of species or a group of species from their natural habitat, that can leave a big impact on multiple trophic levels. In summary, overfishing is a huge threat to our human lifestyle, our ecosystem, and our aquaculture, and if it keeps getting worse, then there probably won’t be anything left to

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