ELCC Standard 3.0 Case Study

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ELCC Standard 3.0 Standard 3.0 emphasizes the assurance of quality school management through the district’s operations by providing the necessary resources, constant monitoring, and evaluation of the operational system’s efficiency. The use of fiscal, human, and technological resources will help maintain a balance of procedures and policies that will protect the welfare and safety of students within the district. The development of distributed leadership will help ensure high-quality instruction and student growth, in addition to providing a safe school environment (National Policy Board for Educational Administrators, 2011). ELCC Standard 3.1 Leaders must understand the operational system of the school organization through constant monitoring and evaluation (2011). The school administrator must effectively handle all situations which arise, this can be done through; inspection of facilities,…show more content…
This assignment gave insight as to how an administrator could use a personal style inventory to recognize various personality traits of personnel. I completed this with my administrative co-workers and felt it could prove beneficial to my staff as well. I can use the results of an inventory to help develop leadership groups for my building. By placing the right persons in the right places, the quality of the decision process will flow smoother and help accomplish the goals and needs necessary for school improvement. ELCC Standard 3.5 The standard refers to maximizing the time spent on quality instruction and learning (2011). A good leader will plan adequate instructional time for instruction and professional development. Professional Learning Communities ensures that time is provided for collaboration, instructional/curricular planning, in the condition that the administrator shall evaluate the effectiveness of such planning time and make adjustments if

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